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barnaby jones

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Theory Concerning Communication

Communication technology has, in the past 20 years, advanced exponentially; such growth would seem to promote the improvement of the individual—a personal growth that correlates with technological advancement. But alas! Such is not the case. If anything, human intellect and capacity for lucid, cohesive thought has appeared to disintegrate as correspondence went digital. Consider this letter from a soldier in the Continental Army during Valley Forge:

“To My Dearest Helen,

I seem to have forgotten all things bright and beautiful in this place. The General has done his best to fortify our spirits, but the moral is low and men are dying every day. My leg was badly injured during the last engagement, and I cannot walk well anymore—I worry about my skill in battle. Despite all this, my heart is warmed, and my vigil renewed, when I think of the home I shall return to when all this is behind me. Outnumbered and outmatched, the rebel army to which I belong has very little hope of survival, let alone victory, but the hope for freedom which binds us is our fuel. Pray for me Helen.

Roger Fredrick Anderson”

Compare that to this “status” from facebook

When I compare the eloquent missive above to the garbled mess below I cannot help but think that one of these writers is a sentient, articulate being while the other is something else

Who knows. But I can postulate that if things keep on this way, if humanity keeps devolving, so to speak, its only a matter of time before the earth is populated by talking robots and idiotic people.

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