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barnaby jones

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stuff that was invented in America other than Freedom

the swivel chair
the suspension bridge
The circular saw
Dental floss
the revolver
Morse code
the wrench
the safety pin
potato chips
condensed milk
rolled toilet paper
the can opener
the vacuum cleaner
the machine gun
four wheeled roller skates
the cowboy hat
the urinal
the motorcycle
the paper clip
barbed wire
the tape measure
the clothes hanger
chewing gum
cream cheese
the diner
the QWERTY keyboard
the cash register
the fountain pen
photographic film
the skyscraper
the dishwasher
the drinking straw
the revolving door
the paper towel
the stop sign
the radio
the zipper
the tractor
the mouse trap
the sport of volleyball
the comic book
cotton candy
the remote control
the flashlight
the hearing aid
the teddy bear
air conditioning
the tea bag
the crayon
the airplane
the windshield wiper
the fly swatter
the electric traffic light
the fortune cookie
the gas mask
the supermarket
the tow truck
the pop up toaster
masking tape
the drive through
the liquid-fuel rocket
the bread slicer
the jukebox
the garbage disposal
the recliner
the ice cube tray
the electric razor
particle accelerator
the chocolate chip cookie
the electric guitar
the digital computer
the beach ball
soft serve ice cream
acrylic fiber
the corn dog
the microwave oven
the mobile phone
supersonic aircraft
hair spray
cat litter
the video game
the flying disc
radiocarbon dating
the credit card
the disposable diaper
the cooler
the golf cart
the barcode
automatic sliding doors
nuclear submarine
the hard disk drive
the videotape
the laser
air-bubble packing
carbon fiber
the gas laser
the communications satellite
the light-emitting diode (LED)
the computer mouse
the sport of snowboarding
the space pen
the compact disc
Random access memory(RAM)
the airbag
the hand-held calculator
the taser
the Heimlich maneuver
the post-it note
the digital camera
the spreadsheet
inline skates
the space shuttle
the Internet

1 comment:

  1. Might I also add "instant coffee" invented by George Washington, to the list?