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barnaby jones

Friday, April 29, 2011

Marketing Fail

Perhaps next time they should have a better defined criteria, besides just "jaw." Haha

And in case you were curious: Try to make sense of this.

News, According to Yahoo

National News this is

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mikey Met Jamal Tonight.

Eric: what up nigga
Mikey: what teh-hey heck
Eric: lulz
Eric: whats?!
Eric: up?!
Mikey: why did a black person soundboard
Eric: ????
Mikey: be used in a conversation
Mikey: hold on that was really poorly written
Eric: oh dude that was jamal dont worry about that
Mikey: that wasnt a soundboard?
Eric: soundboard???
Mikey: do you not know what a soundboard is?
Eric: not a chance
Mikey: and who is jamal?
Eric: dude dont worry about that!!!!
Eric: MIKEY!!!!!!!!
Eric: what can is dos youz forz?
Mikey: was he being serious?
Eric: jamal?
Mikey: yah
Eric: dude hes always serious man.
Eric: dont worry about that.
Mikey: aiight man
Eric: so...
Eric: whats up dude?
Mikey: eric who the heck is jamal
Eric: DUDE!!!!!
Mikey: =O
Eric: so whats going on man?
Eric:pumped for your party?

mikey is offline.