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barnaby jones

Monday, March 8, 2010

The self-destruction of indie culture

For people who strive to be different and/or consider themselves superior to the mass populace, the indie culture has always been a safe place to dwell. Unfortunately, a cycle has been put into motion that will obviously lead to the cultures inevitable self-destruction as indieness continues to grow.

(The local underground venue, a place of solace for real indie folks.)

The problem is as follows, an individual makes him/herself indie in order to breakaway from the societal norms they see everyone else as being bound to. As society continues to progress more and more, people find themselves stuck in the restrictions of society, and this in turn leads to more and more conversions to indie. As this occurs we can begin to see how a cyclical self-destruction of indieness is inevitable. The folks who are veterans at being indie start to become disgusted by how many people there are just like them. In an effort to maintain their individuality they are forced to break out again.

(These guys used to be indie, but refused to be societies bitch.)

In the end, the indie scenester has reverted to the pop-punk kid or hippy jam-band junkie that he used to scoff at. After many people go through this cycle, and perhaps a few repeat cycles, the purpose of being indie has been completely diminished along with any evidence of what the culture once was.

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