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barnaby jones

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Most Edgy Chapter Titles for Christian Author Award

Rob bell Vs. Donald Miller

Rob Bell

Swollen Bellied Black Babies, Soccer Moms on Prozac, and the Mark of the Beast.

Air Puffers and Rubber Gloves

Genital Free Africans

God Wears Lipstick

Leather Whips and Fruit

(Highlight offenses: Black babies, Genitals, Fruit Sex, and Drugs.)

Donald Miller

Santa Takes a Leak

How to Kill Your Neighbor

Why a Three Legged Man is Better Than a Bearded Woman

Penguin Sex

The Sexy Carrots

(Highlight offenses: Animal sex, Vegetable sex, Murder, Peeing, Deformities, and Facial hair on women. Pretty edgy.)

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