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barnaby jones

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Wisdom from the Ring

The time is ripe for plucking! It’s not what you see that isn’t important kid, it’s what you don’t see in your heart that’s got your beautiful new key to winning.  Don’t forget that inside is an ever-changing environment like a blade of grass that keeps on ticking. You’ve gotta pick that up!  Don’t think, hit canons kid, thriller lights.  
Remember when you’re almost to the top, it’s about the knocking down, not getting down! Because the drama eats odds, which are there for your overcoming.  Passion is peace with yourself, doing the cowardly is slobbing at the one yard line, at the game of the century, and that excites the box.  Remember three strikes is all about the speed spirit and money in the hope-poker.  You can always give up but never give in to what the crucial moment says!  That’s between the ears and spells the difference between an out of the park changer, and an outworked peewacker. 

Real joy, boys, between the stubborn initiative to ride that rainy cake out or suit up for the big times is, if you believe it, you can beat it.  So keep keeping on getting that hang down waddlepus.  There’s no time to grieve what you don’t have, because that’s not in your way!  Never freer, strike the way out kid.  You’re a winner, this time.  Kiss that party goodbye if you don’t get up when you go home, because that’s the difference between a champion and an athlete!   

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