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barnaby jones

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Perfectly Choreographed Consversation?

Day to day, as a mobile druggist, I endure countless verbal exchanges with all different kinds of people. So many different kinds of people -- but they all end up sounding like this:

Me: Hello
Different kinds of people (or DKP): Hey! How are you? (doesn't actually care)
Me: I'm good. (sort of) How are you? (do i care? not really)
DKP: (systematic response) I'm great! (i'm horrible) So what's up?

Some sort of body conversation filled with mindless fluff and uncontrollable head nodding.

Me: ok great, well listen i better run. (to nowhere...)
DKP: Alright have a good one! (not that i care...)

sad isn't it? (not really)


1 comment:

  1. I feel that. Try being a youth minster dude, my life is full of those conversations. Our receptionist asks me every single day about our baby. And everyday i say that exact same thing. Sometimes I wish we could just say "hey" and move on with things. Maybe she's forgetting the whole conversation ever happened, she is really old.