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barnaby jones

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

alex and chris, their wall to wall awesome

Chris and Alex have along history of strong brotherhood, and this compilation of their back and forth is evidence of that in spades. (some of this has some languages, apologies if it offends). Here's the best of those interchanges and comments (read bottom to top):

It's Workout Time!

Chris's words of wisdom

An intellectual discussion

Great, now what?
(the link:

Birthday Wishes

Chris's spam

An existential crisis

Chris is in a “relationship,” apparently

Oh, I think we all got the message

Ross, what are you talking about?

a misunderstanding concerning terms

hope you enjoyed ;P


  1. Being new to this blog, I have to wonder how many brothers there are in this family?

  2. there are 3

  3. Hahaha this is hilarious