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the purpose of sme is simply this: to overthrow the capitalist hegemony that has a stranglehold on our beautiful, multiethnic society. contributors are asked to take part in this, our overriding mission, so the people of the green earth can breathe together in the clean air of progressive politics and non-judgmentalism. each blog post must bask in the sunlight of earnest expression, never falling into the trap of satire or parody. our aim is clarity and verisimilitude; our mission is truth and the propagation of it. the blog is the perfect place to post your old family videos, homophobic video blogs, another blog's material, awkward, poorly-drawn sketches, halo reach updates, or unexplained/irrelevant wikipedia articles--sme is home to the entire eclectic conflation that is the internet. if there is one thing entirely intolerable to the editors of sme, it is sarcasm. there is simply no room in this blog for sarcastic, humorous, and reference driven posts. if you are among those responsible for such garbage, please leave.


barnaby jones

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How to get women of the opposite sex in five easy to do steps that you can do because they are easy to do! 1) First thing you have to is be really good looking. Women love guys that are good looking. If you are a hot and sexy man than you got it made! You might be thinking “hey Chris, I am super ugly-- my mom wanted to abort me because of this” I say to you life isnt fair. Do You think its fair how good looking I am? No. But I am. 2) Be full of knowledge. Women love guys that are full of all sorts of knowledge about things. You have to have two types of knowledge 1. Classical guy knowledge This is knowledge about cars, fixing things around the house, and sports. Tho you talk mostly about this stuff with your guy friends women love guys that don't care about what they care about. 2. Knowledge about the finer things in life Women are sups attracted to guys that know about 1800th century french literature and Italian Renaissance paintings. Read some books and pretend like you know this, lie to them if need be. Yes. Lying works really well with women. 3. Be super jacked. I mean look at me? I am super jacked and do you know how many women I get? Millions. So, don't be a flubby dubby unless you are super rich-which brings me to my next point. 4. BE super rich! Do you know how much poontang wealthy people get? A lot. Women are really really simple creatures. Women are attracted to money like flies are to shinny things.. Its science 5. Be Brad Pritt. Its pretty basic. If you are Brad Pit, you get all the women...

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