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barnaby jones

Friday, June 5, 2015

gotta get up outta tha hood

by marquis jackson

man, bruthas be tryna diss me when i’m just tryna get by. can’t get my head straight when i’m out in the streets chasin dat paypah. tha struggle is deep and mah gurl always be hasslin my ass.


livin is hard yo. gotta watch out fo tha man always tryna reappropriate my shit. the damn govahment yo. hasslin my ass...

all I need is to get real. find somethin to take mah mind off tha hussle.

gotta get up outta tha hood, bruh. get away from all these got damn aliens, nawmean?

deez aliens be jockin my shit all damn day and i’m like DAMN man back up off me FUHREAL.

aliens all up in dis bitch.  flyin in wit dey got damn flyin saussahs n shit, hasslin aybody jus tryna go about they bizness.

can’t take nunna dat shit.

like the otha day. when tha crew was loungin and we was mad lifted, damn aliens bust all up in tha crib, lazah beams all in a brutha’s eyes n shit. straight killed tha vibes yo.

next time I see those alien crab bitches imma board they ship, halo 2 style. rip they advanced extraterrestrial eyes straight out they puffy faces. get medieval on they asses.

imma drop SCIENCE on dem hoes. aliens roll up thinkin they the illest, thinkin homeboy don't tote strap all GOT DAMN day. couldn't be more wrong yo.

perhaps they supah intelligent mastah plan will be reconsidahd once I sneak up behind they asses like a got damn ninja, smack they supreme leadah up on a chain link fence and straight RAIL on dat bitch. we be clockin they asses left and right till they mothaship ain't got no option but to send backup to the hood. warfare game STRONG yo.

meanwhile my girl at home be like, MARQUIS I need some money fo the damn rent and I'm like DAMN BITCH can't you see im tryna fend off this weak ass, triflin ass alien invasion? shit.

i'm tellin you man, always tryna hassle my ass.


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