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barnaby jones

Monday, July 5, 2010

Zombies are in my pool.

In this ruthless game of terror, blood lust, and strength, the alpha zombie reeks havoc on the humans; converting them to rabid, blood-thirsty living dead by ravaging their flesh with his zombie fangs thus building an army of zombie warriors.


Alpha Zombie:
Must be hand selected out of the "village" of humans by a third party at the beginning of the game.
- Once selected the third party host will sound the call of his or her make and the hunt will begin.
Objective: To "infect" as many humans as possible by completely and totally submerging the humans head under the water.

1) Anyone NOT
selected to be the Alpha Zombie by a third party at the beginning of the game.
2) Anyone who has not been "dunked" by the Alpha Zombie or his minions during the course of the game.
- Once a humans head has been completely and totally submerged by the Alpha Zombie and/or his minions he or she is now a zombie minion and should promptly begin ravaging humans.
Objective: To avoid being "dunked" by any zombie for the duration of the game either by fending off the Zombie scum or cowering like a little girl.

Zombie minion: A human that has been dunked by the Alpha Zombie or any other zombie minion.

- Once the call has been sounded by the host indicating the start of the game, any force (within reason) can be used to ward off zombies and to dunk humans.
- There will be no holding on to the side of the pool. So weak.

A WIN: A win can only be declared by two things: all humans have been dunked and turned into Zombie minions or the Alpha zombie and his minions have forfeited their hold on the village and retreated from the game.

*When carried out properly this game should amount to pure carnage and destruction from start to finish.

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