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barnaby jones

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Old Time Funny Conversation with Alex and an Angry, Angry Indie Lady

Matt asked me to post this one. Back during the election I started this group satirizing Joe Biden. Apparently, some people like Joe Biden. Claire posts on the groups wall, furious because we've been spamming Biden's page. This is the conversation that took place after that comment:

Alex Detmering
September 4 at 1:14pm
Claire, I'm not an ignorant hick. I can't stand McCain either. So if he loses, I couldn't care less. The election system is a joke, so I'm having fun with it. you should try having fun sometime.


Claire S Caplan
September 4 at 7:12pm
personally i think the way the entire country is run is a total joke, but i am a collective anarchist.

sorry if i offended you, but you know just as well as i do that there are a ton of ignorant people in there who are only supporting mccain because mommy and daddy said so.

honestly i think joe biden is the most competent candidate out there right now, so the group just set me off.

also, sadly, i dont have a lot of fun. i spend about 50% of my time working to fix the problems in this world, and that includes trips to west africa to work in an orphanage, its not usually very "fun".

Alex Detmering
September 4 at 7:27pm
well I have dedicated my life to the victims of fetal alcohol syndrome. It is a serious business 'cause sometimes you get all sticky. I don't you have ever been sticky, but it sucks, like way lot
thank you for your patronage

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