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barnaby jones

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An explanation of the art viewed on this inter-site organ

An interview with an aspiring artist,
By Jonathon O’McMally

“Chris, I am so glad that you have allowed me to interview you concerning the matter of your art. I have a series of questions prepared to ask you and it should not take to long.”

“It is quite my pleasure to partake in this verbal masturbation about my soul’s journey into the world of artistic expression. I must, however, ask you not to call me Chris, but Brush-Luler. Yes…yes, I think that will suffice for now until more is needed.”

“Ha, well, thank you for the notice of the name change, I will now proceed with my questions is that……. ok?”

“….. No more time is needed for wasting, proceed.”

“Why have you changed from your previous occupation, to that of an artist?”

“ Times change, My soul was growing into the flower of the lulz.”

“Ahhhh yes, this is a famous concept of yours, will you please elaborate on it?”

Brush- Re-newel
“I sought all expects of life, I gazed into the abyss of the after-unknown, yet all I saw gleaming in the far off was ‘teh Lulz’. For this reason, I left all and started to do things based on this simple concept. And my art is an expression of this.”

“I see..bu”

“Please.. let me continue before I slap your momma. That joke is the fifth stage on the dividing line of ‘teh Lulz’. Most people reach that joke around the age of their twelfth earth completing its orbit around the mass of energy we call: sun.”

“Ok Ho..”

“Please Jon, don’t be a (insert expletive if wanting to add more humor) sock. No more talking will come from your small noobe brain. The first joke was on the level of seven and the second was that of a two. I have now reached the level of rating others jokes, which is the level of 20th to the 10th power.And this only comes through 15 to the 17th power hours of practice. Are you happy? For you have seen the transform-action with your own looking bulbs.”


“My art is not an expression of my inner being, but the outer Being. Like all good artist, I filter it through my mind sack and then through my soul gland until it is excreted onto my extra body orifice-which is known by the world as the: blank canvas.”

“I understand, ye..”

“Please! Jon shut your thought transferor organ-device and merely listen with thine ears my son. Each piece I create brings forth into existence my mood of the day. Only art allows one to do so—in the eternal conceptualization of things beyond things for the finite understanding. The Lulz is in-shacklable you see. For, if you were to make fun of the nature of the word Lulz that in itself is the Lulz being spat out of the bursting blabber. It is the precondition for Ke$ha and Taylor-Swift in the same generation. Because of this the ‘teh Lulz’ is my foundation. Now you may speak Jon.”

“So how can one come to know and follow ‘teh lulz’?”

“Only through the life Organ can one reach it. But I must go, fare thee well my little friend, I pray all good things will happen on thee journey back homz.”


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  1. all credit for this post should go to chris, who wrote it with my profile.